Sunday, September 14, 2014

Class Dojo as a Classroom Management Tool

Hey ya'll!  I'm Deniece from This Little Piggy Reads.

If you're reading this I am assuming that you're at least familiar with a computer and that you're looking for new and/or innovative ideas to use in your classroom.  Today I want to give you my opinion on using Class Dojo in the classroom.  This is purely my opinion and I did not receive compensation for this review.  
My Rationale
Last year my teaching career veered off into a direction I didn't foresee.  I was given the opportunity to follow my dream and teach Gifted & Talented students. My students are bussed to my classroom for enrichment.  As you can imagine there are a few kiddos whose behavior is less than perfect because they are not on their home campus.  
I couldn't find the original source of this picture.
Last year I tried to send home a daily behavior folder, but 9 times out of 10 they would forget it.  It's not entirely their fault, I'm simply not a pencil/paper kind of person.  So this summer, I began looking for a way to increase parent-teacher communication and a way to hold my students responsible for their behavior when they are away from their home campus.   
Meet Mojo
For about two years I've heard a lot of my teacher & bloggie friends mention Class Dojo.  I mean, who hasn't seen that cute little green karate monster? With more research I found out it will help me manage behavior and increase parent communication!  Win-Win! 

Dojo has added a few things to make your job easier! 
*You can invite parents via e-mail or they can download an app/go online and enter a parent code. 

*You can share students with other teachers.  This is great for pull-out programs, specials teachers and departmentalized teachers.

*You can mass message all of your parents a "blast" reminder.  
EX: Remember, Thursday is School Picture Day.  Wear your Sunday's Best.

*You can also private message parents with concerns or notes.  If you have to keep a parent communication log, this would be easy to print out & staple into your log.

*There are plenty of videos to help you introduce Dojo to students, parents and fellow teachers.  

From a Parent's Perspective
My daughter is a Kindergartener this year and her teacher uses Class Dojo.  This was my first real experience with Dojo.  When I picked her up on the 3rd day of school she said, "Mom can we change my monster?"  I immediately said, "Does your teacher use Class Dojo?"  At first it seemed a little strange that a Kindergarten teacher would use it. is FABULOUS!  

My daughter loves getting points.  She also loves changing her monster once a week.  My husband and I can easily track our daughter's behavior and learning habits.  Her teacher sends out weekly blasts and keeps parents up to date!   

My students begin their enrichment program on Monday.  I am excited to implement Class Dojo and hope my students enjoy it too!  

Do you use Dojo?  Are you thinking about giving it a try?