Monday, April 21, 2014

My Journey into CLR

I am taking a journey into CLR or Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning.

CLR is
"The validation and affirmation of the home (indigenous) culture and home language for the purposes of building and bridging the student to success in the culture of academia and mainstream society."
 -Hollie, Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning:  Classroom Practices for Student Success (2011), p. 23

CLR means going to where the students are culturally and linguistically for the purpose of bringing them where they need to be academically.

CLR benefits underserved students.

An underserved student is any student who is not successful academically, socially, and/or behaviorally in school because the school as an institution is not being responsive to that student.

And yes, this book now tops my summer reading list!

My journey into CLR is a move from traditional teaching and learning to a culturally responsive method of teaching and learning.  A move from teacher centered to student centered instruction.  A move from high affective filter to creating a classroom environment that encourages a lower affective filter where our classroom community is accepting and respectful of diversity.

You can make the move too.  Dive in NOW!

1.  Use attention getting signals that are culturally responsive - infuse language, rhythm, youth culture

2.  Use responding / discussing protocols
     Click here for ideas and descriptions

3.  Use movement activities

Make a commitment to your underserved students!  Make a change today!

This is just the tip of the CLR iceberg!  Find TONS more information at


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