Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spruce up your Spring!

Hi there! I'm Krista from The Knitted Apple back with another blog post on Who's Who! 

Spring is almost here and it’s time for a little spring cleaning.   At home, the first sunny day always inspires change.  I often have grand plans for my change-of-season reorganization, but then reality hits.  I have not been gifted with extra time from a magical time fairy, so I do what I can and move on.

One place I do make time for a little "sprucing" is my classroom.  By this time of the year, name tags are tattered and worn, bulletin board paper is fading, and the classroom just looks TIRED.  I usually devote at least a couple of hours to refreshing the room and it makes all the difference.  I dig out those brand-new pencils, markers, and sticky notes that I stashed back in August, make some fresh new name tags for the kids, and dust off the curtains and shelves.  And while I’m digging through my stash, I inevitably start to organize the area surrounding it, which leads to more cleaning.  My classroom gets the “spruce-up” I imagined for my home.  I don’t mind though, because seeing the happy faces of my students when they spot the new supplies and classroom layout makes it all worthwhile.   

Here’s a little spruce-up I created just for Who’s Who readers! If you use newsletter templates you will love these spring templates I created! These templates are made in PowerPoint and are easy to use.  Just click the image below to download.  You will be downloading a zipped file with two templates and instructions from Dropbox.  FYI- You do not need a Dropbox account to download the files.  If you are asked to sign up, just click the button below that says, “No thanks- just download my files.”  



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