Thursday, March 10, 2016

Eliminate the stress!

Hey friends! My name is Melanie from Momma with a teaching mission. I am a first grade teacher in Maryland. We are departmentalized, and this year I am only teaching literacy to the lower level first grade students.

This past weekend, I spent the majority of Sunday re-doing my blog. I've had my blog for about 1.5 years, and I started off with one brightly colored design, and then 9 months or so ago I got another beautifully brightly colored design. But to be real and true to myself---I wasn't 100% happy with either. They just weren't me. I just wasn't feeling it. Nothing was wrong with either design, they were both great, but for me, I just didn't feel like those designs captured me. So I purchased a pre-made design, installed it, tailored it to fit me, and I really feel like it fits me much better!! You can check out the new look by clicking on my logo.

So sometimes in teaching there are different trends that you see other teachers doing, or everyone else on your team is doing, or in your school---but you just aren't feeling it. It just isn't you. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves, what is best for my students?

I've seen so many of my co-workers jump onto different bandwagons because they want their students to think they are the coolest teacher. They spend money on gifts and prizes for their students. They make their classrooms PINTEREST worthy. They do so many amazing things. But many things that they stress themselves out about, are un-needed. With having 4 children of my own, and student loans, I unfortunately don't have a lot of extra money to spend on my kiddos. However, my students know that I love them. They know I am always there if they need someone to talk to. Every day, before the bell rings, I have many former students come in my room just for a quick hug and a hello.

So hopefully this post speaks to you a bit :) Try not to stress, we've made it to March, not too much longer to go. Make sure your kiddos know they're loved!!

Take care & God bless!!


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