Thursday, March 24, 2016

Task Card Ideas

Hi, everyone.  Queen of the Jungle here to share some great tips on using your Task Cards.  Most teachers I know have lots of task cards for a variety of subject areas and skill levels.  Our students love to work on the cards.  Especially when we use them in unique and novel ways.  I want to share with you couple of my favorite ways to use Task Cards.  


The SCOOT Game is a tried and true way to use your Task Cards to review concepts and evaluate learning. If you have never played SCOOT, it is super easy. All you need is a set of Task Cards and a recording sheet or blank piece of paper. These are the directions:

  1. Place a Task Card on each desk. Have one task card for each student. 
  2. If you are short Task Cards, just make a desk or two the "Resting Desk" where students can put their head down and rest, or doodle on a graffiti page that you tape to the desk. It gives them a little break during the activity.
  3. Students will start at their own desks.
  4. They read the Task Card and answer it on the correct space on their recording sheet.
  5. At timed intervals have students SCOOT to the next desk and work on the next Task Card. Depending on your Task Card activity, you will want to time them from 30 seconds to 1 minute. But, you could do more or less time as needed.
  6. When students have rotated around the room and completed all TASK Cards, the game is over. Students can turn in their papers.

Our students love this activitiy and it is so much more fun that just working on a pile of cards or completing a worksheet.

Try out this FREE SCOOT Game with Punctuation Task Cards. Click the picture below to download.


My second favorite way to use Task Cards is in an Interactive Bulletin Board.  This BINGO Board can be set up on a classroom bulletin board, hallway bulletin board or a science display board which makes it portable.
Science Task Cards from The Science Penguin 

Staple your Task cards on the Bingo Grid.  Number them so students can put the numbers on their answer document or paper.  Students work the cards in a pattern that will give them a BINGO: Work five cards Across, Up and Down, or Diagonal.  This can be done as a center/station during small group instruction time. You can even use it as an early finishers task.  Students are really excited to see our BINGO board because they want to be the first in their group to finish the cards and get a BINGO!

Hope this post gives you a couple of new ways to use your multitude of Task Cards. 

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