Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Letter Buddies!

Hey everyone!  I'm Amy from Cahill's Creations and I'm here to share what we're learning in our classroom now.  Since we are in the final quarter of kindergarten, the kids are ready to learn about different letter combinations and the sounds they make.  They love learning about different sounds and finding them in text.  
Their confidence in reading is growing every day and I just love seeing it happen!  

YouTube is a fantastic resource that is also very engaging.  We always start our lessons with songs to get the kids excited and engaged in what our learning that day.
Here are just a few songs that the kids especially love to learn about letter combinations:

This song is so catchy.  I hear the kids singing this one throughout the day.

The kids thought this one was hilarious!

I also found these super cute letter buddies, so I had to create posters with them.  These posters turned out so cute and are a great visual for kids to see all the combinations.  They just make me so happy!

I created 60 different posters that are all half sheets of paper.  I wanted to save paper, but keep the content.  Click the pictures to find all of them! 

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