Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Zoo Time!

Zoo Time

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

This month we are learning about the ZOO!  We are in the midst of writing our zoo animal research books.  I started the unit out by reading lots of zoo books!

We then made a list of zoo animals we love.  I guided them in picking six animals I have ready to research.  Lions, kangaroos, sea lions, pythons, orangutans, and giraffes, are the animals we are focusing on.  From there we used our QR code posters to research different aspects of the animals.  It’s a blast!  Take a look at our research! 

To carry over our theme into math and reading we have been using centers and QR code animal riddles.   All around the classroom are animal riddle QR codes.  Early finishers can walk around and infer what animal is being described.  To reinforce our math concepts of fractions, tens and ones, and addition to 20 we have been using zoo themed centers. 

We are so excited to be learning about zoo animals and can’t wait to visit the zoo at the end of the month to see our animals in their habitats.


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