Saturday, May 16, 2015

Shower Curtain/Tablecloth Games

I don't know about you but my bag of tricks is getting pretty low on ideas by this point in the school year. One of my last ditch efforts to refocus students on learning is by tricking them into it of course. I'm talking about Shower Curtain/Tablecloth Games!

I am here from K's Classroom Kreations to share with you a simple and inexpensive way to get learners up and engaged. Shower curtain games work great all year long, regardless if you are introducing new skills or reviewing some that were previously taught. I purchase plastic tablecloths or shower curtains during end of season sales and at my local Dollar Store.

I like to create generic game boards that can be used for many different games. For example, this round tablecloth was cut in half and turned into two matching garden themed centers. First I hand drew a few flowers onto the mat using a permanent marker. I used a die-cut machine to punch out some circles and laminated them. I also traced the petal shape onto construction paper and laminated those too. Now I just use a dry erase marker to write on the pieces. When the center is complete I can wipe off the pieces and use it all again later.

*Ideas to try:
- Number Representation- Write the numeral in the center. Have 1 different way to represent the number on each petal (tally marks, tens frames, addition, etc.). Students sort the pieces like a puzzle and put them on the flower they belong to.
- Word Families- Write a different word family on each center piece (-ap, -ing, -en). Write words or attach pictures to each petal. Students will sort and match pieces.

Here is a simple Blends Board. I have played this game several ways. The first way is to have students stand around the edges and throw a koosh ball onto the board. They then need to come up with a word containing the blend they land on. An alternative is for the teacher to call out a word and to have students move to the correct circle after listening carefully for a blend. Young readers could also search books for words with the pattern, record on sticky notes or index cards, and set word cards in the correct circle. The options are endless!

Another generic game board is in a Hopscotch format. I suggest using the tablecloths with backing for these games and also taping the board to the floor to prevent slipping and sliding. I like using this game board with phoneme or syllable segmentation. I call out a word and have students hop to show the correct number of sounds or syllables. They love it! For a math twist have students skip count by a certain number as they hop along the board.

Lastly, here is a little piggy game. Let me start by saying I AM NOT an artist (although my firsties think I am). I hang the curtain on my smartboard and trace out whatever image I would like in the center. It's a simple way to make custom boards without your little ones learning your true art abilities ;) Have students answer trivia, math facts, comprehension questions, etc. and move along the board from start to finish. This blank board can be used in any way that you choose.

I hope you were able to find a new game idea to help get through the next few weeks!! If you like what you read please be sure to stop by my blog or Instagram page to see the ideas in action.

Have you used shower curtains or tablecloths before to create games? What are the favorites in your class?

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