Friday, May 15, 2015

Figurative Language

Hi there!! I'm Neetu from Cinnamon's Synonyms!
If you follow me, you may already know that I teach in a school with a very high population of ESL learners... this means I'm always striving to come up with creative ways to make learning a bit more visual so that my students can easily grasp new concepts in a FUN way!
 Studies show that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is VISUAL.  Also, visuals are PROCESSED much FASTER by the brain than text! Whether your students are strong in English or new to the English language, using visuals just makes sense! 

Sooo, I have gathered some engaging visuals to help you teach figurative language!!
Using video is a great way to teach figurative language, not only because of the audio/visual component (the more senses involved, the better!), but because it helps students see how figurative language is used more often than they might even realize (ie. in their favorite shows and songs)! 


Figurative Language in songs:


Another way I like to teach figurative language is through my Spot It & Steal It games!!!
Here's how you play!

You can also use the "Picture Cards" from the game to create a visual display.  A bulletin board display can serve to remind students to use similes and idioms etc., to enhance their writing!! 
The picture cards are also great for creating an engaging anchor chart when introducing the unit!    (So you see, the game cards have multiple uses).
Each game includes 3 printing options too! This means if you want to save on ink, you have the option to print the game with or without the colorful background... plus all the games cards come in black & white too! 
Here are all my figurative language games in one big bundle! 
Click HERE to take a closer look at each game in the pack.

Well, I am as hungry as a wolf... time for lunch!! Ahh-oooooooooo


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