Tuesday, January 12, 2016

February Craft Ideas

Hey everyone! This is Aimee from Primarily Speaking and I'm happy to be back with another  post for the Who's Who and Who's New blog!

This month, I thought it would be fun to share a few craft/bulletin board ideas for the month of February. Can you believe it's right around the corner? Now, I know that there is more to February than hearts and all things love related, but it is my favorite theme to use when putting together our February displays.

This first idea is a simple craft that kids always seem to enjoy. Tissue paper hearts! 

They are a classic, but also a great way for students to practice the skills of following directions, attending to detail, and hand-eye coordination.  I plan to have my students make these simple hearts to display on a very small "board" above our classroom sink. This space measures approximately 4x4 feet, so it's perfect for something like this.  It's also the perfect "Fun Friday" craft!

To make these you'll need a heart template.  You can grab the one I used here (it's free).  You'll also need tissue paper cut into small squares.  Use any variety of colors you'd like! 

I cut mine approximately 1 in. x 1 in.  I literally eyeball it as I go since perfection is not necessary.  Tip: you can easily store left over tissue pieces in a zip top bag, just be sure to gently squeeze all the air out.

To attach the tissue paper to the heart template, you'll need some watered down glue.  Just add enough water until the consistency is like a thick milk.

Spread some watered down glue onto the heart and place some tissue paper on top.

Spread more glue mixture on top of the tissue paper.

Repeat until the entire heart is covered.  Let it dry completely.  Then, cut out the hearts and display them!

I have another fun February bulletin board craft that I love to use.  How cute are these little love bots?

I like to pair them with writing and display them on one of our larger bulletin boards.  Usually my students write about someone that is special to them, and when you are seven years old, that someone is usually a best friend or relative.  Either way, the writing always turns out super sweet.

My student always enjoy creating their little bots and are proud to share them with their families once they go home.

You can check this craft and writing project out here.

Thanks for stopping by today, and have fun creating a festive bulletin board with your students!


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