Friday, December 11, 2015

Young Hoosier Books!

Hi there!  It's me!  Hilary from Primary Planet!
I am moving my weekly Young Hoosier Book post over here this week!

The Young Hoosier Book award was started by the Indiana Library Federation to encourage recreational reading in elementary and middle/high school students across Indiana.  The wonderful librarian at our school participates in this program every year.  If the kiddos read 12+ of the books that were nominated they get to have a pizza party, but they also get to vote on their favorite!
Now, if you are not from Indiana, no worries!  These books are great no matter where you live!  If you want to read more information about the program, click on the picture of the boy above.

I have been doing a weekly series on my blog about the different books on my blog, but thought I would share the wealth (and the freebie) over here!
So today I want to talk about this gem:

Ben Rides on by Matt Davies!

In this story Ben's prized possession is his bike!  He loves it so much in fact that going to school has become fun because everyday he rides his bike.
The problem is getting to school.
At school is the world's biggest 3rd grader: Adrian!
Of course Adrian the bully steals Ben's bike.  Later however he needs Ben's help!
I won't tell you how it ends, but it is a happy ending.
This book is great for talking about bullying, empathy, and compassion.
This book is also great for talking with your class about making connections.
After reading this story, we talked about what kind of advice we we give to Ben about how to handle the situation with Adrian.
The kiddos had a great time talking about different ways to deal with a bully, and how they would handle the situation.
You can get your little freebie here:

If you would like to read about some of the other Young Hoosier Books and pick up a few other freebies, you can find them on my blog HERE:

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