Thursday, December 10, 2015

What Would YOU Call a Miracle? Songs and Helicopters

It's the Wild West. A batch of rugged cowboys gaze up at the sky - dumb-founded! What in the world is that strange object hovering in the sky? Is it some kind of miracle? Is it magic?

Oh please. It's just a helicopter. No the parent kind, the machine kind - the kind that flies.

You and I are not amazed when we spot a helicopter. We realize it's a helicopter. There's nothing magical up there in the sky - just a noisy gizmo bound for somewhere. It's not E.T - not much of anything.

Or is it? It certainly would have impressed cowboys way back when.

Sweet Stuff

Have you seen this brilliant little rant by comic CK Louis around how un-fascinated we all are these days by life, how unappreciative? The guy is so spot on. CK pretty much covers how most of us keep forgetting to notice there are things worth noticing all around us. Life is still fascinating, but unfortunately, we're usually too busy texting these days to notice. Who even looks up as they walk around? It makes me sad.

miracle holiday blog

Song to the rescue

Each year, I bring out my Miracle song to share with kids. Its message is potent: Please put down that silly phone and look around - breath life in! Sing a song, hug a tree. Note the beauty of the universe and in each other.

Here's the good news...

Most kids enjoy my Miracle song. Most like it a lot. In fact, many ask to sing it over and over. That's a good sign, right? Maybe there is hope for our kids after all. They're still awake - they still can wonder! And if so, they might still be inspired to care a lot for our planet - and everything and everyone on it! Big relief.

What the Lyrics Say

In every dream that takes its flight... in every truth that share its light... in every time we think we might find a miracle... there's a miracle!

It's not just our eyes that need to remember to notice the magic outside of us - the gorgeous sunsets and such. We need to remember to notice magic with our hearts too. Doesn't it feel great to be kind to another person? Aren't happy friendships full of magic?

holiday lesson vid

Kolbe and Dani

Above; Kolbe offers up a special story about collecting light. After that, Dani shares thoughts on being thoughtful. The holiday video above was created with very little scripting. Trust me, these spectacular munchkin mini-teachers really do mean what they say. They're super sincere!

Note: The video link above leads to Youtube. If you would like to own this video, click here.

Below: music video featuring Whimsy Workshop art with a twist of Awesome Sauce. Again, the first link is to Youtube. If you'd like to own this video, click here.

holiday miracle song video

Studios are Fun

I sang lead on the track for the video. The backdrop of sweet voices are my students and some parents who love to sing. In the photo below; a few sweet kids who were there.
Our bass player on this project, a life-long friend, is one of the Abiders. Randy brought in his "band guys" to lay down basic tracks. I love mixing up generations in the recording studio - kids, parents, and professional musicians. It adds such a cozy glow to the final product. It also creates such fond memories!
some of my songbirds
Piano Parts

That's me on piano. I often plant colorful keyboard parts inside my songs to inspire kids to practice. It's a little trick that really works! After all, it's kind of a miracle in itself - getting kids to practice.

*If you'd ever like to hear the same song with one of my gifted students singing lead click here. As with many of our recordings, we have lots of different versions of this song.


Feel free to check out the Holiday Scoot below. It covers many holidays around the world. I strongly believe in encouraging kids to peek outside their personal bubbles this time of year - we are the world! Co-created with lovely Retta from Rainbow City Learning, it is full of heart, education and fun! And yes, it includes the Miracle song. It's a Bullyproof Rainbow Resource.

holiday scoot


Did you have time to read this post today - even though you're probably very busy? Well, isn't that a miracle?Thanks for taking the time.

Peace, love, and a holiday hug. Let's dig deep and keep kids captivated!

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  1. Awesome resource and different! Thanks for sharing. It is so hard to find activities that bring in music and social skills into the classroom which are very much neglected but very important. Thanks again! Have a blessed Holiday!
    Tonya Leslie
    The Way I Teach

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