Monday, December 28, 2015

7 Easy Ways to Bring Australia Day into your Classroom

Hello, this is Sandra from Teaching Treks. I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas.  Australian schools have their long summer break at this time of year and it's always nice to relax and spend time with family and friends. Our new school year usually begins the same week as we celebrate Australia Day, so here are some tips for easy, stress free ways to bring Australia Day into your classroom.

These ideas are also great for an Australia study in your classroom any time during the year!

1.     Research an Aussie Animal Did you know that the common wombat has cube-shaped droppings? Or that platypus lay eggs? Did you know the koala is not a bear? Find all the facts on one of Australia's unique animals!

2.     Make Lamingtons Did you know these Aussie treats are easy to make and delicious? Cut sponge cake into squares, coat each square in chocolate icing made from cocoa, water, icing sugar and butter and finally, roll in coconut. Yum! A Google search will find several free, simple recipes.

3.     Read a Book by an Aussie Author Did you know there are many, many talented Australian children’s authors? Current Australian Children’s Laureate, Jackie French, is just one of them and she has written wonderful, award winning books for all age groups.
4.     Create a Tourist Brochure  Did you know millions of tourists visit Australia every year? Select a major Australian tourist attraction. (Uluru, Sydney Harbour, the Gold Coast, Kakadu, just to name a few.) Research your attraction and design a brochure to encourage people to visit.

5.     Sing some Aussie Songs Did you know there are lots of fun Aussie songs that kids love? Visit All Down Under to find a terrific selection of songs as well as links to YouTube videos. Australian slang words are also explained for you.  Try Home among the Gum Trees, The Kookaburra Song and more! Visit AllDownUnder 
6.     Design a New Aussie Flag Did you know the current flag was chosen after the design won an international competition in 1901? Some people think it’s hard for others to recognize the Australian flag because it is similar to other flags. What could you put on a flag that would make people think of Australia as soon as they see it?

7.     Explore Different Points of View Did you know that some people call January 26 ‘Invasion Day’? This is because on this day in 1788, Australia was colonised by Britain. Should the date be changed? Is there another date that would be better suited to celebrate Australia Day? What is your point of view?

To add to your easy celebration ideas, here are some Australia-themed freebies from my TpT store!

Happy Australia Day!



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