Sunday, July 19, 2015

Periscope and new way to connect with teachers.

Hello all!  This is Hilary from Primary Planet (the blog formerly known as Second Grade is Out of This World).  I want to tell you about a new Social Media platform that I learned about recently and I am loving. It is called Periscope.
Periscope is a live broadcasting app.  So, think teacher T.V.! It was created by the Twitter people.
So, that being said.  I am an android user.  So far, none of my Periscope sessions has worked!  Sad isn't it.  It is really making me rethink my phone choice!  Gasp...I may have to go to the darkside and get and iphone!
So far on Periscope, I have seen a session about classroom libraries, I have seen flash freebie giveaways,  I have seen read aloud ideas, how to save your Scopes for future use, using Kahoot in your classroom, etc....I can think of all kinds of ways to use Periscope!  You can share with the public, or you can choose who to share with in a private session.  I am thinking live newsletters in my classroom, special story times for my students, lessons for my parents on those projects where they are always confused!  The ways to use this are limitless!  (I'm excited about this, can you tell?)
Are you ready to try it out?  This is the main page for you to download either to your iphone or android device:  PERISCOPE!
I know that there are a ton of teachers already on Periscope, so join us! I am working on getting my scopes up and running, so:

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