Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Coin Cones!

It's all about the money, money, money!
We sang that a lot learning about money this year.
Hammering home coin identification is a tough one.
With money it seems like kids either get it or they don't.
Fingers crossed more get it, than don't!
I wonder if because we use debit cards so much more now 
and kids have less exposure to money at home. 
Just my two cents- no pun intended.
Driving to school,which is my favorite thinking spot,
one morning this spring, 
I was thinking about ice cream!
I was also thinking about how my kiddos
needed a Fun Friday craft activity
as well as some additional money practice.
Then this deliciousness was born!
The set up is easy peasy.
Copy scoop template onto a variety of colored paper.
You need 4 scoops per student.
Copy cone template onto brown.
Copy table of coins onto regular printer paper.
Then away the kids go!
Here are the directions I gave.
1. Color all the coins the correct color 
on the sprinkles sheet. 
Sidebar- we call them jimmies here in Massachusetts.
2. Color the rest of the boxes multicolor to resemble sprinkles.
3. Cut out 4 colorful scoops.
4. Cut out 1 cone.
5. Glue scoops on cone.
5. Cut out sprinkles sheet.
6. Glue matching sprinkles onto each scoop.
On the first scoop they had to put the word "penny", 
the pictures of the penny coins, 
the word "one cent" and the symbol for "1 cent".
Then repeat for the nickel, dime and quarter 
down the scoops on the cone. 
I then had them check with me 
before they glued any sprinkles down 
to see that they had everything where it was supposed to be.
 I love when an assessment can be fun and 
makes a cute decoration too!
Such a job perk!

Grab your templates to do this project with your class {here}!
Be sure to visit me at A Burst of First
for more tips, tricks and ideas!


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