Monday, July 20, 2015

Before Your Decorate . . .

I know how amazing all those classrooms look out there.  They are awesome! Amazing and awe inspiring. Okay.  Truths.  Mine is not.  Would I like it to be - of course. I haven't managed to get there and I probably won't this year either.  Hence the picture of the current state of my classroom (see bottom photo).  Not Cool.  I Know.   If you start feeling overwhelmed by all the Pinterest worthy classrooms out there just remember extraordinary and unordinary things happen in ordinary
looking classrooms.  I am asking that you share 1 reflection you had on a problem that was problematic all year and how your changing it and one disfunctional space that you're changing.

Reflection: Issues with turn an talk all year(kinder)
Solution: Will give children carpet partners.  They will sit by each other on the carpet and they will also be writing partners.  I will change their partner approx. every 6 weeks.  In the Lucy Caulkins units of study it suggests giving students writing partners for the length of the unit so I am also making them carpet partners. 

Disfunctional Space:  The ipad area.  They moved my class phone right by the ipad station.  The office would call on the intercom and there was always the one child who yelled, "Mrs.Leslie, the phone!" Right through the speaker! The kids all talked way too much too.
Solution:  Children just don't need a table for all the iPads in 1 spot. They are portable.   I will teach them to find a spot to sit and work then put them back.  This will also free up that space.



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