Monday, June 15, 2015

Using AudioBoom in the Classroom to Promote Fluency

Hi all!  It's Amanda and Aylin from Learning to the Core!  Today, we are discussing fluency...

In first grade we are continuously working on becoming fluent readers. There are so many different ways to help promote fluency in a first grade classroom and one of my newest and most favorite ways is using audioBoom!

AudioBoom is a free platform that allows anyone to record and share podcasts.  In my first grade classroom, we simply use it to record ourselves reading a story and then share it with others by creating a QR Code (all done on AudioBoom) so that students can listen to each other's reading.

Asking students to work on fluency and read a book several times so that they are reading it in a "just right" voice is not something most 6 and 7 years old want to do.  HOWEVER, tell them that they will be recording themselves and then classmates will be listening to their have a class full of excited readers!

Once QR Codes are put on the books, place them in a special spot in your classroom  so students can listen to each other read throughout the school day.

Getting Stared with audioBoom

1. Sign up for a free account at Then download the free app, "AudioBoom" to your iPad.  Sign in and get started!

Once students "upload" their recording.  I go onto my account on the computer by going to and click on your username and scroll down until you see "my posts."  Click on it and you will see all of the uploads.  From this screen, you can also turn it into a QR Code to put on the book.   Fun stuff!  The kids enjoy hearing themselves and their peers read.

Tips and Tidbits:  Other things can pop up on this website (like sports broadcasts) so I make sure to hand it to my students already in the "record mode."  Also, I can't quite see how to turn the reading into a QR Code on the iPad so I always do that part on the computer.  It doesn't bother me to switch back and forth between iPad and computer but if it bothers you it might be worth figuring out how to do it all on one device.

Happy Monday,
Amanda and Aylin
Learning to the Core


  1. Awesome post ladies and I can't wait to try audioBoom out in the classroom! Thank you for such a fantastic tutorial!
    Deb at Fabulously First