Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"Eye" Can Edit My Writing!

I recently attended an amazing two day literacy retreat  presented by Kristina Smekens.  (If you ever get a chance to see her ~ do!  She is an awesome presenter.Check out her website HERE.)  

One of her ideas that really got me excited was her editing glasses ~ sunglasses with the lenses removed that are color coded to match a pen or highlighter.  Students wear a pair of glasses to edit their writing.  By focusing on one thing the kids can really "see" what needs fixing.  I love this idea! My Kinders love highlighters & fancy glasses, so I'm sure they will be a great tool.  I plan to find some glasses for myself to wear so I can model the technique before handing them over to the kids. By the time they are ready to edit their own work they should be very comfortable with the color coding process.  

I found these glasses at Party City ~ 6.99 for a pack of ten.  The highlighters are from Walmart (.88 for three).  To use, pop out the lenses and place in a basket or bin with matching markers.  Use my free posters to help your students know how to use each set.

I created three posters to share based upon Kristina's idea.  Get them HERE for free.
My set includes three posters for spaces between words, ending punctuation, and capital letters at the beginning of the sentences.  

Happy editing!

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