Saturday, June 20, 2015

Using anchor charts in the classroom

Hi, it's Aimee from Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks.  Today I want to talk about using anchor charts in the classroom.  I love anchor charts!   Anchor charts make thinking visible to students.  Posting anchor charts around the room keeps current and relevant learning accessible to students.  Students can refer to the charts and use them as tools all year long.  Due to wall space, I can't display all of my anchor charts at once.  When a new anchor chart replaces and old one, I still like to keep it available for student use.   Here's how I store my charts:
Anchor charts can be a spur of the moment thing or a resource that is used year after year.  For anchor charts that I plan on keeping, I laminate them to keep them in good shape.  Since chart paper is larger than most laminators, this is how I laminate my charts:

 I also like to label my anchor charts when they're put in the anchor chart bin.  Here's how I label my anchor charts:

If you don't have room to display or store all of your anchor charts, you can use personal anchor charts.  My Anchor Chart Toolkits contain all the pieces needed to make an anchor chart, but also include personal anchor charts for your students.
I would love to hear how you use anchor charts in your classroom!  If you would like to try a sample of one of my Anchor Chart Toolkits, click on the picture below.


  1. Aimee, your laminating trick for anchor charts is genius. Thank you for the tip!

    Rose Kasper