Friday, September 19, 2014

To snack or not to snack..that is the question!

Hello!  It's me again, Hilary from Second Grade is Out of This World!  
So, do you have snack time at your school?  In our building it is up to us whether to have a snack time or not.  In second grade, we all do. We always ask for "healthy" snacks.  Each person has a different interpretation of "healthy" though,  so I had kiddos bringing in cookies, candy bars, and even entire meals! Being the snack police got old really fast!  Not to mention dealing with the backlash if I didn't let the kiddos have their particular snack for the day.  So, this year I implemented a Fruit or Vegetable only snack.  I do allow for fruit cups and/or applesauce.  This has made my snack time a much happier time in my classroom as the kiddos know if it not a fruit or veggie they can't have it at snack time!   This also has helped with allergy worries.  At first I was very reluctant, but I haven't had any issues! Hurrah! What do you do at your school? Here is a freebie snack note if you are interested!


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