Sunday, September 28, 2014


Hi, it's Always First with Sue Lynch! School is now in full swing and I don't know about you, but I am still working on routines in order for my students to become more independent.

I would like to share with you some ideas and tools that I use during my math block time. 

Have you heard about Dreambox Learning? It's a great Math Tool!  I do not have a subscription (yet), but I love using the Teacher Tools that the site provides for free!

Math Racks help your students understand numbers.  Have you tried them?

BrainPop/BrainPop Jr. is another great site not only for math, but all curricular areas. If you are lucky enough to have school funding, this is a great resource.  My kids LOVE BrianPop and BrainPop Jr.!

A few FREE sites that I have my students use for reinforcement is CoolMath4Kids & Fun 4 the Brain!

Cool Math 4 Kids - Cool Math Lessons, Games and Activities for Kids

The games are wonderful, though I am not a fan of the layout.  I usually have the game ready for my students so they don't have to do a 'search.'   I love using the Math Lines games.  These games work on the combinations of sums.  Math Lines 10 is a favorite!

                                                   Fun 4 the Brain has some great interactive FREE games!

Allowing my students to be engaged with technology during math, is motivating.  I continue to provide engaging activities in order for my students to learn and love math!  I have a few tools in my TpT store that you can check out and use during your math block.

Some items to find at my Always First with Sue Lynch TpT Store:

Free 120 Number Charts!. You can play 'Race to 120' or show patterns of counting.  Included in this product are blank charts for your students to write the number 1 to 120.  This is a great resource for your students. 

Free Number Lines: These are great for games and as a resource for solving equations 0 to 20.  They come in color and B & W.

Some products that you can purchase to keep your students engaged and learning during your math time! 

 Solve & Sort Bundle: This set allows your students to not only solve addition and subtraction equations, but they have to sort the equations according to what strategy they used.  

                 ZAP! Bundle: ZAP! is an  
                 awesome game for students
                 to work on addition and
                 subtraction facts.  The best
                 part is the 'smartest kid' does
                 not always win!  Check out
                 my four ZAP! math games
                 in my TpT Store.

Lastly, my Number Bond Task Cards I have two sets:  Sums to 10 and Sums to 20. Both sets can be purchased with or without QR Codes (where students can self correct their work!).  

I hope I have given you some new ideas for your math time!  I know that providing students with fun and engaging tools, not only makes learning fun but also helps your math time run more smoothly.  


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