Monday, September 29, 2014

Parent Teacher Conferences!

WOW, the first quarter is just about wrapping up and we're heading into parent-teacher conferences! 

This time of year is always crazy and stressful as we are testing our kiddos and then putting all of the data into the online report cards. Oh, and then scheduling 25 different conferences to discuss each child.  

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy getting to sit down with parents and have that time with them.  However, some of you may have a different perspective about conferences.  Maybe you've encountered these kinds of parents:

Luckily, I've never ran into too many of these situations in my career! 

I also found this video that gives great tips for holding successful Parent-Teacher Conferences:


After watching this video, I reflected about how I run my conferences.  I definitely try to be as organized as possible.  I love to show parents examples of their child's work.  I really liked her idea about having an action plan paper to take notes on during the conference. 
Grab it here if you'd like one too.

I have all of the kid's folders that are filled with their data in front of me while I'm talking to parents.  I've found this to be the most organized way for me to show parents how their child is doing.

Well that's about all I have. If you have any tips/tricks that you'd like to share about Parent Teacher Conferences, I'd love to  hear them!  

Hope all of your conferences are great!


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