Thursday, August 7, 2014

Teaching With Pinterest

Pinterest logotype by Juan Carlos Pagan, via Behance
I am a superintendent of the 4-H Decorations project.  In this project 4-Hers create a decoration of their choice within certain guidelines.  Over the years I've seen some very creative items entered by the kids.  When talking to the kids about their projects this year I learned that many of them were inspired by Pinterest.  ...which got me to thinking about my own obsession enjoyment of the world of digital pin boards.

If I need a new recipe, ideas for baby shower decorations, or instructions on how to tie a scarf I know that I can find tons of great pins linking to tons of great websites & blogs.  How did we ever live without Pinterest???

As every teacher knows, Pinterest isn't just a place for quinoa recipes & photos of J Crew clothes.  It's the new Professional Development!  Professional Development that is free & available 24/7!  Even my district has recognized Pinterest as a valuable resource for teachers because they unblocked last year ~ yup, we can look at Pinterest on our school computers. :-)

I thought I'd share a few of my many, many pins.  If you want to see more, you can follow me HERE.  Enjoy!

Pinner said, "Take a picture of each child holding a sight word.  Then make a power point presentation with those pictures of each child holding the words, and use it to drill the children on the words.... I did this last week and emailed the powerpoint to the parents so they can use it to practice at home. It was a HIT! :)".  What fun!!
Chrysanthemum Name Activity

Magnetic number of the day. It could be stationary or mobile. Great idea!
How to love teaching Math- Great set-up ideas for centers/guided math/interactive notebooks etc
Kinder Doodles


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