Friday, August 1, 2014

Everyone LOVES Mail!

In my district, we get a "Welcome Back to School" letter a few weeks before we return to school. While I don't really like seeing this letter in my mailbox {because it signals that summer is almost over!} there is some excitement in the letter too! The beginning of the year is a fresh start, a time to see all of my friends again, and meet a whole group of new littles! This letter is a reminder of all that for me! 

To get my first graders just as excited as me about the upcoming year {and quell some nerves}, I always send them a postcard to welcome them to my classroom.  
It takes about 30 minutes to write out an entire class set, but the lasting impact it has on the kids is priceless! I can't tell you how many parents thank me for sending a quick note to their kids! 
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