Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Back to School Tips, Tricks, & Freebies!

Well, here we go again.  A new school year!  We've been in school for 2 weeks now.  In kindergarten, these past weeks have been all about setting the rules and procedures for the year.

I've also introduced my kiddos to reading and math centers.  There has been a LOT of hands on activities because I want my kids to learn how to work together and be engaged in learning.  We've used play dough, shaving cream, bingo dot markersclothes pins, and marker & white boards.  OH my!  The kids have been learning and having fun.  It makes me happy to see them enjoy learning especially at the beginning of the year. 

Tips for the Beginning of School:

*Over plan!  It's better to have more than less.
*Tell your class that you believe in them!
*Tell them your expectations every day.  
*Build relationships with your kids and their families from day 1.
*Follow through with what you say!
*Be as organized as possible!
*Be flexible - you don't know what each student is going to bring to the table.  Be ready for anything.
*Rest as much as you can!  Good luck with that one :)

New Tricks that I've Found Useful:

*I use colored tape to organize my white board.

*I use a 5 frame when I want 5 (or less) students to give me their answer.  I mark a dot for each person who gives me an answer.  Then, I have the class tell me how many more kids we need to participate.  It's a perfect way to introduce the 5 frame informally!

*Use carpet samples from Home Depot as erasers! 

Reading & Math Centers for the Beginning of the Year:

Okay, so I may have spray painted over 200 clips for this center.  I wanted each kiddo to have his/her own bag with pictures and clips.  I spray painted the colors to match, so the kids knew to put the right color in the bag.  They were engaged and loving this center!  Click {HERE} to grab the counting cards.  Click {HERE} for more. 

Roll, Count, and Dab!

Click (HERE} for the play dough letter pack!

Here are some back to school printables you might find helpful:
I printed the uppercase & lowercase letters from this pack and put them in protective sleeves for the kids to practice with an expo marker.  Click {HERE} to check it out.

Brain Breaks that Kids LOVE!

What are your favorites for the beginning of school?
Have a great year!



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