Thursday, June 19, 2014

Time for Summer….Time to Tackle Projects!

Hello there!  It's Tamra and Sarah over at First Grade Buddies.  We are excited for summer to be here, and we are sure you are too!  

At the end of the year we made a list of products that we felt were needed in our classrooms this next year (and beyond).  One such need was a reading packet of some kind that allowed kiddos to work on comprehension skills…in a small group setting or later down the road; independently.  So we have been busy working over the last couple of weeks!  The good news is…it's summer and you can work in the comfort of your own home (with coffee and dogs!):

Our first finished products are weekly mini reading comprehension packets.  We made a set for 1st grade and one for second grade.  Each set contains 30 packets; complete with a passage (both fiction and nonfiction are included), comprehension questions, and other graphic organizers / strategy practice pages.  We plan to copy a packet each week in our classroom and use them in small groups.  We plan to use the packets to teach and review comprehension skills. These no prep packets will be a nice addition to our routines this next school year. 

This freebie sample will give you 1 complete packet for 1st and 1 complete packet for 2nd!

We are excited to start our next big projects for our classroom!  What are your big "To Do Projects" this summer?


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