Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nonfiction Finds for the Upper Grades

Hi friends! It's Christy from Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road. I hope you are enjoying your summer break, I know mine is flying by faster than I care to admit at times!

This summer has been busy, but I have found some time to look around for new ideas in the coming school year. One goal, is to incorporate nonfiction more purposefully into the school day. I'm sharing a few of the resources I've found so far (some were tried last year), and I would love to hear of any resources you have utilized before too!

1. Dogo News. Free nonfiction articles for kids, a website started in 2009 by a parent has grown exponentially. The content is kid friendly and engagement. Content is updated regularly too.

2. Erin, shared about Achieve3000 last year and I utilized it several times throughout the year. I was able to access the articles for free using the username and password "CommonCore.Teacher" if you purchase an account, you could assign articles to students, but I made the free version work for me. The best part of this site? You can differentiate! Each article is offered at various lexile leves so that you can give students an article at the level they need!

3. ThinkCera. Another nonfiction article source with some really fun features. The articles are offered at several lexile levels as well as having an audio option! I have several students that need that accommodation, and it's great to be able to access that option straight from the website. With a built in dictionary and the ability for me to add response questions, this site is going to be great I think!

Where else can nonfiction articles be found? 

I hope this gives you a start in some nonfiction finds for your classroom. Again, if you have other go-to sites, please leave a comment below!

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