Monday, June 23, 2014

QR Codes: Black, White and Boring!

I just returned from Galveston, TX where I presented a session on how to incorporate QR codes into learning stations to make them fun and engaging but educational at the same time.

It was evident by the size of the audience in my session and the comments from teachers and administrators that there is still lots of interest in QR codes despite the fact that they have been around for years now. Why? Because although they are common place to me, that is not the case everywhere.

When I first came across QR codes I thought, "Black, white and boring!" Aesthetically there really is not much of a "wow" factor.

It was not until two years ago, when I learned how to link QR codes to audio that I began to get interested in them.  Having worked with preschool aged students for many years, my mind raced with possibilities for incorporating them into stations.

Soon I discovered how to link QR codes to images and by then I was hooked on them.

There are two types of people reading this right now, those who have used QR codes with their students and those who have not.  Regardless of where you land, I hope to share with you new and creative ways you can utilize QR codes with your students.

The following are FREE QR code activities that span a variety of subjects and grade levels.

If you are interested in even more ideas, you can follow this QR Code Pinterest board.

What to learn more? Here is a website I created to get you started. 


  1. I am just now getting into QR codes. I love the idea I only have IPads for the kiddos to use so NO WALKING around and scanning allowed. LOVE this post. Thanks.

    1. I have considered buying lanyards designed for iPads. I found these rules for free you might like:

  2. I, too, am just getting into QR Codes, so they are not boring to me or my students. I found a wonderful little freeware program called QuickMark. It allows me to make my QR Codes and save them as various types of image files so that I can import them into whatever activity I like. The best part is that I can make colorful codes to match my materials. LOVE!!!!!!


  3. I will need to check out QuickMark. I have never heard of it.

  4. I am REALLY excited to see the QR code pages that you have done that don't require wifi. Ours is spotty at best in the classroom, so this will work well for me. Quite excited to use these in the new year. Thanks.