Monday, February 10, 2014

Increasing Positive Behavior

Hey everyone! I'm excited to write my first post ever! I'm a Kindergarten teacher from Indiana. I do not have a blog of my own, but you can visit me over on my Facebook page or TPT store. I'm very thankful to Hilary for this opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and share some ideas with all our blog followers!
A few of my favorite things that I do in my classroom are my clip chart and Behavioropoly. This behavior system helps the classroom have a more positive environment. 

What is a Clip Chart?

A clip chart is a behavior management system that allows students to move up the chart for good choices, or down the chart for poor choices. This system is much more effective than the typical "stoplight" system because you are rewarding good behavior. I like this system because my good students don't have to stay on green all day, like when I used a stoplight system. When you move a student up the chart for a good choice, you better believe everyone in class starts making better choices too, so you'll notice them. :) My students are very encouraging of each other and get excited when someone is on pink, even if it is not them.

My clip chart rules:
  • students start on green every day and can move up & down throughout the day depending on choices
  • students that get on pink (outstanding) receive a sticker and get to decorate their clip with a jewel     (even the boys like this) 
  • if students are still on yellow, orange, or red at the end of the day, they lose some of their "fun with friends" (play time)
  • once the student fills the front/back of their clothespin, they get to take it home and get a new one

What Do They Look Like?

The clip chart that I use is a small banner that I ordered off of {Vistaprint}. The clip chart on the left can be found {here} and then uploaded to and made into a small banner. I got mine a few years back for 6.99 + shipping because I found a 50% off coupon. It has lasted 4 years and is very durable. I use this website for personalized labels, stamps, notepads, etc. 
The clip charts on the right can be found in my TPT store {here} and were created to fit many common classroom themes. These clip charts can be edited, if needed, so you can change the phrases on each color of the clip chart.  These will print as individual signs, that you can laminate and make into a vertical banner yourself. These clip charts come as a packet with the forms (see below) that I use to go along with the clip chart.

            parent explanation sheet                          behavior recording sheet                                  outstanding stickers

I put the parent explanation sheet in a sheet protector in my student's daily folders. This way parents always know exactly what each color means and how the clip chart works. At the end of each day, I fill out the behavior recording sheet. I color in whatever color their child was on, and if needed, put comments. I don't comment too much, b/c it does take a little while to color in 23 folders. My students know that their parents check their folder nightly to see what color they were on. Many parents have commented on how much they love this clip chart system and some parents have started one at home. 


Have you ever heard of Homeworkopoly? This is played the same way, but as a reward for behavior instead of doing homework.  My students constantly ask if it is Friday yet, because they know that is when we get to play Behavioropoly.  Students only get to play the game if they have had good behavior all week. This simple game works wonders! I like it because just like Monopoly, only a few spots are special. Therefore, I'm not having to spend a lot of money giving out prizes, and many of the spots/special cards aren't tangible items. 

This website {teachnet} explains how to set up the game, how to play, and what the special spots mean. I actually got my cards from {Sandy Reed}. Her file opens up in Microsoft Word so you can edit all of the cards, however some of the images/text did shift a bit when I opened the file. 

How to make the game:
 -Print out all of the cards, cut to size, and glue around the edge of a poster board
 -Use business card holders or library pockets to hold the Chance & Community Lunchbox cards
 -Make a game piece for each child (magnets or objects attached to velcro)

How to play:
 -Spread student's game pieces all around the board for the first time playing
 -Each student will roll a dice and move that many spots around the game board
 -If they land on a special spot, they get to draw a card or do what the spot says

Who gets to play:
 -Students that have good behavior (green or above on the clip chart) all week

Thanks for reading til the end! :) I hope you have found a few ideas to help improve the behavior in your classroom and reward those students that always do the right thing! Do you have any great classroom management techniques? Please share in the comments.


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