Friday, February 21, 2014

If I lived in a Snow Globe or an Easter Egg

Hello again.  I'm Deniece from This Little Piggy Reads. 

I know many of you saw a ton of snow in January.  Deep in the Heart of Texas, we didn't.  Our kiddos wanted a snow day secretly, many teachers did too.  
Since my students didn't get to go out and play in the snow, I decided to bring the snow into the classroom.
Okay, not snow, but the thought of snow.  
I'm sure you've seen many pinterest ideas about this writing topic, If I lived in a snow globe.... 
I saw this idea at a professional development class about 3 years ago.  This year, I had the opportunity and time to do this writing craftivity in class.  I LOVED how creative my students were and how they were literally engrossed by the idea of living inside a snow globe. 

I began by having them write a Main Idea and 3 Details, using Valerie King's Freebie Snow Globe Graphic Organizer.  Then, I did a mini lesson on including sensory details in our writing.  I used a few poems as mentor texts and they went back to add sensory details.  Next, I had my students "pose" for a picture based on what they wrote about.  The kiddos LOVED it!  Their stories were amazing.  Some students wrote about breaking out of the snow globe, some wrote about being an ice princess and someone even wrote about living in an ice palace and swimming in a hot chocolate pool.  It was hilarious to read them!  Their favorite part of the project - using paint to make the snowflakes!  Yes, even 5th Graders got super psyched to use paint.  

As Spring approaches, I think you could do a similar activity with an Easter theme.  If I lived in an Easter Egg...  I found this pic on pinterest (from Susan Norwood's blog) as an option for a bulletin board or a display.