Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bible in the Classroom

Hi all! I am from Bonnie Kathryn Kinders and Beyond. I know many of you can not teach Bible in your classrooms. However for those Christian and Catholic school teachers, I hope that you can find this to be helpful. For other teachers, you might find it interesting how I teach writing to my kindergarteners. I have had many requests from teachers wanting to know about my writing process. I plan on writing a future post about Kindergarten writing on my personal blog.

With out further ado...

We have been studying David in our Bible time. This week my Daily 5 centers have been used to reinforce what we have been learning in our Bible time. I like to use Daily 5 to expand on our science and social studies lessons.

As a Christian school teacher, I try to integrate Bible throughout our day. I want my kids to know and understand that our walk of faith is more than sitting down for 15 minutes in the morning to read our Bible story.

Over the past week, we have talked about the life of David. I am teaching my kids Psalm 23 through sign language. Click here for a great website to look up signs for scripture.

Along with our curriculum, I read to my kids from the Jesus Storybook Bible. I love this Bible because each story points to Christ. We will read through the whole Bible by the end of the school year. I really like how the author refers to Jesus as the rescuer. If you want a sample of what this Bible is like, here is the video we watched about David from the Jesus Storybook Bible.

I sometimes use our snack time to show a video that relates to Bible, Science, or Social Studies.

I used the story of a David to introduce a writing assignment. We are currently talking about writing stories with a beginning, middle, and a end. In the past, I have read books where we have discussed the different parts of a book. I had my kinders brainstorm with me and we wrote this story together.

After our whole group time, I then gave them the assignment to retell the story of David. I helped them by writing a few words on the board that they requested. I released my kinders to start the assignment. I walked around for a few minutes and then I started calling my reading groups back to meet with me.

Here are a few pictures of them writing and the finished product. I just love their little drawings!


I used this worksheet for word work today. I like to change my word work centers to reflect the theme for the week. I also use it to integrate Science and Social Studies. Last week we went to the circus, so this week we have had circus activities in word work and work on writing.


If you are looking for ways to integrate Bible into your centers and curriculum, you can find my People of the Bible series here.



  1. I appreciate and respect my daughter's kindergarten teacher, but I would SO LOVE for her to be in your class! I pinned all your ideas and followed your store. I'll be using your products with her at home. Blessings! Thanks for sharing. ~Jan

  2. What fun activities! I love your students' pictures- so cute! I don't work in a Christian or Catholic school, but can appreciate the creativity in these lessons. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. Jan,

    Thank you for your kind words! I love where I teach and I am blessed to have that opportunity. Let me know how you your daughter likes some of the activities. :-) That time with her talking about Jesus is precious! Soak up the moments!

  4. Brenda,

    Thank you for your encouragement! :-)