Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Need More Books for Guided Reading!

Whether just looking for some new texts instead of using the same old boring ones or simply not having enough, it seems like no matter the reason, we as teachers are always looking for new guided reading resources! Another issue is actually planning for all those guided reading groups each day...

First a little background on guided reading- I know pretty much everyone knows what it is, but just to review!

I love guided reading- you can see so much growth from those daily interactions in a small group. I also like being super prepared and planned as much in advance as I can, so I decided to make my guided reading life easier. I'm now always prepared and ready to teach each day...ahead of time! I created passages for Levels A-M (as aligned to F&P leveling system). Each passage also includes a lesson plan that I follow when using the passage. Each one has a running record too which is a fabulous component to use as a formative assessment on a regular basis. I always know if my little readers are ready to move on up or if they need to focus on the same level a little longer. 

I love these passages because my little readers get SUPER excited about the fun graphics & stories as well as the pride they feel in actually reading the texts. They are always ready to read the next story and asking for more!

The passages lead to great discussions about the texts. They enjoy writing and drawing their responses to each question. I have passages that can be used at any time of year as well as seasonally themed passages. Guided reading always feels fresh and new each day with the variety of texts!

If you are looking for more guided reading resources or simply leveled text that you can send home, you can check out all the passages packs I have in my store. I have a lot of savings bundles if you have a variety of levels that you work with like me. Check them out here or by clicking the image below!

Happy Reading!
Amanda & Aylin


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