Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall Multiplication Sort

Hello everyone!  It's Greg Coleman from Mr Elementary Math and I have been busy lately writing about multiplication.  I have recently written about fun ways to teach multiplication and great books that help introduce multiplication.

Fall is here and in the spirit of the season I wanted give away a free sample of one of my seasonal products that reinforces multiplication.  It is a true or false sorting activity.

Sorts are a great instructional strategy because they:

1 - Are more interactive than worksheets
2 - Can be easily used a formative assessment
3 - Lend themselves to working with a partner or group
4 - Are an example of how you can use one of the researched based high yield instructional strategies in the classroom (Marzano - Similarities and Differences)

Click on the photo below to grab the FREE sample

If you would like to check out Fall Edition Multiplication Games & Activities in its entirety check it out HERE.  Enjoy!


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