Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Have you tried Kahoot? 46 Easy Step by Step Directions To Help You Get Started Today

Hi guys, Anita here from I Live 2 Learn I Love 2 Grow 

I'm a Kahooter! You may ask, What's a Kahooter?  If you haven't heard of Kahoot you absolutely have to try it. "Yeah Kahoot! Can we do that again? I wish there were more questions. I love Kahoot! Wooo Hooo!!" These are things my students have said when doing a Kahoot. I saw a tweet about Kahoot this past summer and immediately knew I had to try it in my classroom. We have been using Kahoot at least once a week since the first week of school. If you want 100 percent engagement in an activity then Kahoot is for you.
This fall I taught a technology session with teachers from area schools and one of the things we covered was Kahoot. Teachers loved it!! This winter I taught a Kahoot session during our tech fair and teachers loved it. I have had many teachers try it in their classroom since the tech fair and all of them say their kids can't get enough of it. Kahoot is just plain FUN, FUN, FUN and totally engaging.

When I taught the second tech session on Kahoot I added more to my original downloadable directions. Keep reading to see the new directions and get your new file below.

What is Kahoot?
Kahoot is a game type quiz, discussion, or survey created by you. You create an account. There are tons of Kahoots already created that you can use or you can type in your own questions for  your students to answer.

What device do I need for Kahoot?
I love that Kahoot works on all devices. You display Kahoot from a computer and the students can answer using iPads, iPhones, or computers. No matter what device your school has it should work for you. Since we have 1:1 iPads we added a Kahoot button to the home screen on our ipads by going to This makes it easy for my students to connect to Kahoot quickly.

Ideas for using Kahoot 
The first day of school I always have a power point to tell about myself. This year I made a Kahoot to test the kids and see how well they listened to what I told them about myself.  It was so fun. The kids loved it and it seemed they did listen pretty well after all.  

Take a quiz you already have and type it into Kahoot. I have used questions from our weekly reading stories, questions from Scholastic News, and quizzes from books that I found online. 
Share a Kahoot. You can create a Kahoot and share it with other teachers at your school or in your grade level. I shared Kahoot with my 2nd grade team and we make quizzes to share with each other. We have shared math quizzes and end of math chapter review questions to review for chapter tests. 

The newest thing I tried in my classroom was using Kahoot to create surveys to use with our math chapter on Data and Graphing.  For this I turned the sound off so that students would understand that it was more about putting in the correct data than being first. I created some surveys and then created blank paper pencil graphs for them to record the data. Before the Kahoot survey I had students mark their favorites on their paper so they would know what to answer. Then we went through the Kahoot survery and filled out our data with tally marks and total numbers. After the Kahoot survey was over we returned to our seats to graph the results.

Click the link here to get the papers we used so that you can use them with your students. 
I am sharing my Kahoot link with your so you can survey, record and graph some favorites with your students.

Click here to get your NEW STEP BY STEP Google Drive Downloadable Doc  that shows you how to set up your own Kahoot Account and make and play a quiz. NEWLY ADDED How to Save and Edit Kahoots that others have made. There are so many quizzes on topics you might need that are already made. You can tweak them and make them your own quickly and easily. Also added directions to share your quiz with others. 



  1. Awesome step by step graphic there! I love Kahoot, too. Have you ever tried having students create a Kahoot as a presentation project? They love running the game!

  2. Thanks for sharing Kahoot. I am so excited to learn about this new app and I can't wait to use it. When I return from spring break, my students will be starting their Data and Graphing chapter in Go Math and this would go perfectly for sprucing the chapter up :) THANKS AGAIN!
    -Lovely Nina

  3. Okay, think: trivia at a baseball park. I need to be able to create a quiz - let's say 20 questions - that can be played in quick "rounds" of 2-3 questions at a time between innings with maybe 15 minutes between rounds. The whole quiz might take 1-1/2 to 2 hours, but I have to control the advancement of the questions and the players will need to minimize/close the app between each round and still continue where they left off. Can Kahoot do that?