Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A few Apps that will make your job easier

Hello Friends from Who's Whoville.  
I'm Deniece from This Little Piggy Reads.

Teachers are always sharing APPS that will help student achievement and increase engagement. Don't get me wrong, I love those, I even collect them.  But, today I want to share a few APPS that might make your job as a teacher a little easier. Disclaimer: I am NOT representing any of the following companies, nor am I being reimbursed financially in any way. 

So, the first APP I am excited to share is Running Record Calculator.  If you do Running Records, you know that they can be time consuming, but a necessary evil.  Running Record Calculator has a FREE & paid version.  The paid version costs about $4.  The major difference I notice is that you can email the results of the paid APP. You could train parents and volunteers to use this APP.  This will definitely cut down on your time with tedious math.  I think it's worth the $4 investment.

Stick Pick is a really cool APP that replaces the buckets full of craft sticks (that somehow end up on the floor daily).  It also has an amazing gives you Question Stems (ESL, Bloom's, etc...).  It also lets you track data...YES, you heard me!  TRACK DATA.  I think $4 is a bargain for this APP.  

This last APP is called Air Projector.  If you don't have an ELMO (like me), this will be your new BFF, I promise.  It allows you to project what is on your iPhone or iPad to your computer screen, thus onto your projector.  Yes, I's wonderful, but's FREE!!  

This Little Piggy wants to know, have you found any APP's that help with your job?


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