Monday, March 9, 2015

Put a 'Spin" on Your Centers!

Hello!  My name is Nicole Chavanne and I am the special education half on an inclusion duo in 5th grade.  I love teaching upper elementary so I am so lucky to be able to bounce up and down between grades 4-6.  I also run a little TpT store called Learning Lab.
As a special education teacher, even my smallest of groups contain students with varying levels and needs.  Sometimes, I need to really work 1:1 with a student which leaves the other kiddos on their own.  
Oh boy!  Most of my students have a hard time working without some sort of adult support or reassurance.  I needed to think of an activity that would keep their attention and give them the feedback they craved.  I created a self-checking activity so my other kiddos could work independently and get instant feedback.
When I first created the Pin & Spin series, it was mostly geared for preschool and kindergarten.  Even though my classroom was my initial inspiration, I began to create with my preschool daughter in mind.  I was home on leave at the time and creating resources for my daughter was fun and useful!
Since being back in the classroom, I have been focusing on creating resources that I can use with my 5th grade inclusion students.  
It's funny how some students have such an aversion to worksheets but if you give them a hands on activity practicing the same skills, they will love it!  My 5th grade students LOVE working with these Pin & Spin sets and they really get a kick out of using clothespins!
Did I mention that my Occupational Therapist on my team totally approves this activity?  The kiddos get a little fine motor practice without even realizing it!

Set up is super easy!  I just print double sided on card stock and laminate for durability.  Then you just track down some clothespins.  They don't have to be fancy.  I like my fancy ones because one of my bloggie buddies made them for me!
I like quick and easy.  The easier, the better!  I think one of my favorite parts is that all of my sets are super easy to store.  I just pop a set into a file folder for storage.  Once you initially set up the cards, you will never need to prepare anything again!  
My class begs to use Pin & Spin centers and get so excited when I bring in a new set!  
If you would like to try Pin & Spin in your classroom, you can test drive it with these freebies:
There are currently over 50 Pin & Spin Activities available in my TpT store for grades Pre-K-6th.  I'm always working on new Pin & Spin ideas.  If you have an idea for a Pin & Spin topic that you would love to use in your classroom, please email me!

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Hope to see you again soon!
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