Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Top 5 Word Work Activity Ideas

We are excited to pop on here today to share some of our favorite word work ideas for the primary classroom. We use tons of different ideas each week, but these are our top five that seem to keep making an appearance, day after day.  

One of the main reasons these activities stick around in our classrooms is because they work and are super simple to implement each day! Check out a few ways that we use these handy little tools to help our little readers become better each day at reading new words.

Thanks to TeachingSuperPower for the graphics and Hello Literacy for the fonts!
Please stop by our blog Learning to the Core for more hands-on ideas for your students!

Have a great day!
Amanda & Aylin


  1. Great ideas!! Thank you for sharing!! My students love using pointers as they read! I made some using craft sticks and covered them with patterned tape.