Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Elf in the Classroom and Free Elf Craftivity

Hi Guys, Anita here from I Live 2 Learn I Love 2 Grow to share some Elf In the Classroom fun.

What a fun time of year for kids! I always love the element of surprise and like to have lots of fun those weeks that lead up until Christmas. An Elf has appeared in our classroom the last 2 years to watch the behavior of my students up until Christmas. He is always up to lots of mischief. The first year he just arrived in the room. 

Last year I had a box in the freezer with a zip lock bag of ice cubes inside. I had our secretary bring the box to our classroom. She brought the elf and we immediately stopped what we were doing right then and opened the box.  

Elf brings gifts from Santa. Santa's special dirt (some oatmeal) with a special label. Some of Santa's special seeds (peppermint candies with the wrappers off). I used empty toilet paper rolls and just stapled the bottom and folded over the top for their little pots. This year I bought the small pots in the dollar spot at Target so they will use those to plant their seeds. The students plant their seeds and the next day they will grow into Candy if their behavior is good. Some students' seeds grew into little candy canes because their behavior wasn't as good. Get your link to Santa's Special Dirt and Seeds signs here

More gifts from Elf. Red & Green M&M's. Mini marshmallows for a snowball fight. My students also enjoyed their own mini synonym and antonym snowball fight that is included in the Case of the Missing Candy Canes. There is a photo below of them lining up the snowballs for the fight. The notes from Santa that are delivered by Elf are also included in the set.

Students loved when our Elf took Selfies on their iPads. 

The Candy Canes mystery was very fun for my students. One night someone comes into our room and takes the candy canes from our Christmas Tree. (Really it's just the teacher moving them.) The Elf brings clue for eight days to help the students solve the mystery. You don't actually need an elf you could use any class mascot or stuffed animal to bring the clues to your class. Each day there is a riddle clue. Students read the clue and figure out where to look for hidden letters. Once they find the letters they have to unscramble them to make a Christmas word. There is a making words and writing page to go with each Christmas word. After all the clues are figured out there is one last clue to figure out the actual place in the school that that Candy Canes are hidden now. (which is the principal's office) Click here to get this fun pack The Case of the Missing Candy Canes. I am keeping it on sale for a few days this week for anyone wanting to purchase. 

Click here to get your FREE Elf Craftivity


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