Saturday, March 4, 2017

Phonics Rules

Hey everyone! I'm Amy from Cahill's Creations.  
I'm here to talk about phonics rules for different letter combinations or "letter buddies!"

I saw a need to make some visuals for my kids because they're ready for more spelling patterns.  I felt that all the different letter buddies needed some serious attention.  
SO, I created a Hollywood themed phonics set!  

These letters just needed a red carpet and a spotlight.

As I introduce the sounds, I start with this card:

We talk about the different words that have this sound.  We practice reading and writing them on our whiteboards.  We always do a song in the lesson too!

Then, I show them the spotlight and we talk about how important the letter sounds are.
I made sorting picture/word cards to put in a center.  The kids sort the words and write them on a recording sheet.  To make this center extra fun I bought these fancy glasses to wear while working in this center.  They love wearing fun glasses!   

Click the picture to find these!


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