Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Circus Performance

Does your school require each grade level to deliver some sort of performance to the rest of the school and parents? My school does and we are always given the liberty to choose our theme.  In pre-k, we love to put together a circus performance for our school and our parents.  My students have a lot of fun, my parents love it, and I love every hard-working minute of it!

First of all, let me tell you that it is a lot of work.  Once you’ve put it together once though, each year that you do it, it becomes easier.  The first year I did this, I saved a sample of every costume with instructions.  I have compiled all of my notes and instructions into this Circus unit.  If I've missed anything, I'd be more than happy to add any additional instructions if needed.
The Circus
This is a great activity for integrating English speaking students with bilingual or ESL students.  It gives them a great opportunity for them to work together and communicate in an environment outside of recess.

In case you need to justify to an administrator the importance and benefits of having your students participate in this activity, I have listed some for you:

*Behavior Control- Students will need to learn to behave during the whole performance
*Control of Attention-Students will gradually need to increase their attention span to 30 minutes
*Social Competence Skills-Students will learn to work with each other
*Listening Comprehension Skills-Students will need to listen to a continuous set of instructions given by the teacher
*Speaking (Conversation) Skills-Students will need to speak to each other as they work in small groups
*Speech Production Skills-Students will practice their role/song to make it understandable
*People, Past and Present Skills 
*Art Skills-Students will be creative decorating their costume
*Music Skills-Students will sing the songs before each act
*Dramatic Expression Skills-Each student will have a role to play during The Circus performance
*Gross Motor Development Skills-Students will be marching in and taking their place and then participating in their role
*Fine–Motor Development Skills-Students will be decorating their costume with sequins and small objects

As you can tell, there are many reasons for putting together a circus performance.  In this Circus unit, I have included everything you need for you to put together your own circus performance.  It can also be easily adapted for other grade levels if needed.  I have included the bilingual part as well in case you would like to collaborate with a bilingual teacher.  Hope you find it useful!  

Good luck and happy planning!


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