Sunday, August 2, 2015

Do you Scoot?

Hi all!  This is Francheryl from Primary Essentials.  I'm here to share an activity you can use in your class to review different skills and give your students a little movement too!

Have you ever heard of or used Scoot in your classroom?  It a great way to review and informally assess your class.  This is not an activity I would use everyday or even every week.  I would pull out this activity every once in a while to spicy up your reviews.  This activity can be used for any content area.

What you'll need:
task cards or question cards for each student in your class
recording sheet for each student

If you do not have enough questions or task cards for each student you can add in some Rest Stop cards to make up the difference.  At the rest stops, students get a break and just wait for the next scoot.
You should give it a try during the upcoming school year!  That's all I've got!  See you around the blogging word!

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