Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Collecting Papers!

Hello All!  Hilary again from Second Grade is Out of This World!  Today I want to talk to you about how I keep up with the endless papers that kiddos turn in! I started doing this a few years ago, and I LOVE IT!  I bought this pocket chart from Amazon.  It is attached to the front whiteboard right next to my desk.  Each pocket is labeled with a number.  I number my kiddos in ABC order at the beginning of the year.  They use their number for a lot of things in class so I don't have to relabel stuff with new names every year.  When they turn anything in in class they put their assignment in their "pocket".  I can easily see who has and has not turned in their assignments.  The first picture shows what my "pockets" look like when they are full of the kiddos papers.

This picture is showing how I keep track of missing assignments.  When I collect the papers from their pockets I always go in number order.  I write down the numbers of the kiddos who are missing that assignment above the pockets (next year I will write these on the side to make it easier for the kiddos to reach).  When they turn the assignment in, they erase their number.  An added benefit to this is that I can easily figure out  who belongs to a paper if that cherub forgets to write their name on their paper!
This system has saved me tons of time and energy over the last few years!  I love it!  Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post!  If you liked it 
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  1. Great idea! I have one of these charts but struggle with how to use it... I like this because I don't always want to "grade" everything... could just staple some of it together and give a classwork grade depending on how complete it is. I have a very slow but perfectionist class this year! Thanks for sharing!
    Dirt Road Teacher

    1. It works really well for me! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

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