Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sight Word Fun

Hi! I am Bonnie Kathryn from Kinders & Beyond. I teach kindergarten in a private Christian School.

As a kindergarten teacher, learning sight words is an important part of our school year. Sight words can become mundane and dull quickly if you don't keep it fun!

I have found a few ways that my kids love to help them learn sight words.

1. Slap It: We play this game during small group reading. I lay all the sight words down in front of the kids. I randomly call a sight word and the first person to slap the word gets to keep the flash card. *Warning* This game can get intense. You may want to lay down some ground rules. :-)

2. Sight Word Centers: We talk about using sight words to build sentences. When I am introducing a new sight word, I always give them a sentence frame for the sight word. After any write the room activity, the students go to a pocket chart to build sentences using the sight words they know. I have a recording sheet where students write the sentence and draw a picture to describe. I change out write the room weekly.

3. Sight Word Glasses: I tell my kids that these super special glasses help them read words and find sight words in books. The picture below shows my co-worker's son. She agreed to let me show you his face. :-) I could just eat my kids with a spoon when they wear the glasses!! I glued little eyes on the bow part of the glasses. It is an extra set of eyes to help them read.

4. Sight Word Go Fish: My KIDS LOVE THIS! I am sure I am not the first teacher who thought of this. However, I had to share because my kids love it.

Click the picture to download the sight word pre-primer and primer Go Fish for free.

5. Sight Word Watches from The Moffatt Girls. I believe this was genius! My kids love wearing them and think they are sooo cool wearing them down the hallway. I give my kids a piece of candy if they can manage to keep it on all day and tell me the word at the end of the day.

You just read my favorite ways to teach sight words. Comment below with your favorite ways to teach sight words.

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Bonnie Kathryn


  1. Thanks Bonnie Kathryn! My teacher friend and I both have kiddos in PK4 and were just saying that our kids need a game of sight word go fish. This was perfect!!


    1. Deniece,
      Perfect Timing! I am glad you were able to download. :-)

  2. What a cute idea! If I taught the younger elementary grades I would have a class set of those cute glasses!

    1. Teresa,
      Thanks! I love those glasses too! You should make some for your older would be funny/cute too!

  3. We like to play sight word go fish and sight word uno too! I like your idea to have the predictable sentences in the pocket chart as you introduce a new word.

  4. Jenn,
    The kids love building sentences in the pocket chart. My higher readers do a great job helping lower readers. They collaborate together and both learn. I love hearing kids try to teach each other.